A Security Alarm system is installed to deter and alert the result of unauthorised persons entering premises not using the correct method. Security alarm systems are made up of Passive Infrared Detectors, Magnetic Reed Switches, Glassbreak Detectors and more depending on the site conditions and requirements. Alarm systems can act as just a noise maker creating a siren and visual indication, contact a person’s phone direct or be monitored by a Grade A-1 Control Room whichever is preferred by the client.

Britech Security can offer you a professionally installed security alarm system to suit your needs, with our long term experience within the Security industry we are focused on assisting you with all of your security needs. Domestic, Industrial or Commercial we can design a security system for your premises.


Industrial / Commercial

We can offer a simple Monitored alarm system or a fully integrated Access Control / Alarm System depending on your requirements. A fully integrated Access Control / Alarm System can be a great benefit to you and your staff making the process simple, offering some of the following features and more.

Advanced Analytics planning

Deter Shoplifters and Employee theft
Cover blind spots of your business making it safer for staff
Monitor Digital Video Recorders from a Remote Location
View multiple business locations from the comfort of your desk